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September 19th... - September 19, 2012

Today is the folks anniversary. It was in 1947 when they tied the knot, and that would make this their 65th. The old man would be 92, I can imagine him another few inches shorter than his original five foot one, wrinkled as a raisin and giggling. In my imagination, such as it is, we feed him tapioca. Dad died when he was 70, but it's fun for me, as twisted as I am, to think of him as older and looking like Don Rickles in a diaper and bonnet. I take him for wheelchair rides in my mind. I think it keeps him alive somehow. In my imagination I keep him sober, which pisses him off. Happy Anniversary, old man.

Mother, were she alive today, would be 86. She was a comfortable woman, with large arms and bosoms made for sheltering and protecting children. When I see her on her anniversary, I really don't see her; I hear her in my mind, and by hearing her voice I know she is near. When I do see her, I am always nearby, and always a child. Since becoming a man, it's difficult for me to see myself as a child, and I think that is why I tend to hear mother rather than see her. Happy Anniversary, mom.

Wild Roses and Horrible Rumors - May 11, 2012

Wild roses are growing by my fence in the front yard. They are low to the ground and quite beautiful. Here are some lyrics:

There's some horrible rumors floating round Nashville
I'm happy to be out in Denver
My money's on Payton, I'm hiking in the Rockies
And I might just stay out here forever
Whatever I've done, I sure hope it was fun
I'm sure I'll pay a price in the end
There's some horrible rumors floating round Nashville
And I'm out in Denver, old friend.

There's some horrible rumors floating around Denver
But I'm down in Phoenix right now
Living the life with an ex partner's ex wife
Getting by on his money somehow
Wish you only the best, every success,
I'm enjoying the warm desert air
Mixing tequila with the wild prickly pear
Trying real hard to care.
There's horrible rumors in Denver
I'm trying real hard to care

There's horrible rumors a floating around Nashville
So what else in life would be new?
Go to Phoenix or Denver, Seattle or Charleston
You might just dig up a few more
And if you look real hard in your own back yard
You might just find a brand new one
There's horrible rumors, just horrible rumors
What is a body to do?

There are horrible rumors floating around Phoenix,
And I'm in Seattle, of course.
Sipping my Starbucks on a ferry boat to Canada
with a woman who is taking me north
It is possible we might cross paths in the future,
I own a good compass and I can chart a course
There are horrible rumors floating around Phoenix,
I'm on a boat going north, old horse,
I'm on a boat going north.

Headed to Colorado in May - April 26, 2012

I played last night, and will tonight again at Yucca Flats, an outdoor venue suited to a cowboy singer who works without amplification around a campfire. The sixty people who were there last night rode in on a hay wagon pulled by a tractor and we went from six thirty to ten thirty pretty much non stop. Last month it Arizona and California, this month it's Arizona, next month is back to Colorado. I'll be doing some recording in Nashville and hopefully Colorado this summer, and want my good friends and all my so called friends to know that whatever the rumors are, the truth is that life is good and I'm booked solid through September.
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